LANI: Protect – Warranty

In addition to the statutory warranty, we grant you a 12-month guarantee on the lamp and power supply unit. By registering your product within 4 weeks of the date of purchase (the date on the purchase receipt applies), we offer you a free extension guarantee – LANI protect – of 9 years as a non-transferable factory guarantee on the lamp itself. Please use our corresponding form to register, fill it in completely and send it by email to If you register LANI protect, you will receive an extension guarantee of 2 years on the power supply unit as well. The factory guarantee is only valid in our main headquarters – a reimbursement of outward and return costs can only be made within Germany.

In the event of a complaint, please contact us at to receive your RMA number. After receiving your RMA number, send the device, if necessary, ideally in its original packaging with the enclosed proof of purchase, directly to us. We ask for your understanding that deliveries sent to us freight collect or deliveries without an RMA number will not be accepted. These consignments are returned to the sender unprocessed.

If your return is not covered by our factory warranty or the original full warranty, you will receive a cost estimate from our customer service after receipt of your device. Repairs not covered by the guarantee are only made with prepayment.

The guarantee extends to material, functional and production defects, which can occur with normal use. It expressly does not apply to damage caused by wear and tear, transport, claims for compensation beyond the product, improper handling, negligence, incorrect installation or after interventions and changes made by unauthorized persons. We expressly exclude any liability in these cases. Consequential damage, such as loss of corals, fish or other damage caused by a failure of the lighting, are expressly excluded from guarantee and warranty claims. Moisture inside the device and the resulting damage, damage due to improper use and cable damage (e.g. frayed cables) are excluded from the guarantee. An immediate loss of guarantee occurs in the case of: disconnected original plugs, installation of non-original spare parts, opening of the device, damage from externally connected electronics and mechanical damage.