The light properties of the LANI lights are specially tailored to the biological requirements of sea creatures. Your fish and corals can develop optimally and show their unique coloring.

  • Perfect spectrum for growth and coloration
    The spectra of the three basic LEDs (blue, white and ultraviolet) ideally support the reef’s biological metabolism and carbohydrate production. The wavelength of the LED used hit exactly the range in which chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B can deliver energy most efficiently. In addition, the antenna chlorophyll is stimulated, which is responsible for the day and night cycle of the corals. The metabolism and sugar production of the corals are promoted to a high degree and promote strong growth and intense coloring.
  • 120 ° beam angle
    The light falls at an angle on the coral. So it works not only from a top view, but also from a side perspective. There are fewer shaded areas in the aquarium.
  • Strong penetration
    Despite extensive illumination, the LANI penetrates the water many times more than with conventional lights. Measurements in the show basin have shown that the value at a depth of 70 centimeters is just as high as at a depth of 5 centimeters with T5 lighting.
  • Wnormous fluorescence
    Thanks to the special wavelengths of the LED used, there is a noticeably intense fluorescence in the ultraviolet and blue phases.