LANI and LANI Pro create ideal lighting conditions for your saltwater aquarium. Our lights are consumer-friendly and energy-efficient. You get LED lighting with unbeatable properties:

  • Durable
    We guarantee you a running time of 50,000 hours. The LEDs follow exactly the specifications of the manufacturer in terms of power supply and temperature.
  • Low noise
    The fans are noisy and have potential for interference such as a short service life, unforeseen failure and destruction of the LEDs. LANI luminaires do not require active cooling. The operation of the aquarium is therefore silent.
  • Dimmable
    LANI lights can be dimmed separately from 0 to 100 percent via three channels (blue, white, ultraviolet) or the LANI Pro lights via 6 channels (blue, royal blue, white, cyan, green, ultraviolet). We do not use the widespread pulse width modulation, but have developed our own technology for dimming our LANI lights, which enables flicker-free dimming. This type of dimming offers maximum efficiency: with 20 percent dimming, only 20 percent electricity is consumed.
  • Economical
    Thanks to maximum energy efficiency, our LANI lights can be operated with just one watt with a very good light output.