LANI is a brand of CBK Intelligente Licht- und Profilsysteme GmbH.

The name is based on LED lighting technology for seawater aquariums which had been developed by the Triton company in 2012. Shortly after the market launch, the LANI brand was able to establish itself in professional aquaristics worldwide. In spring 2016, CBK GmbH took over the LANI brand and engineered it to become what it is today.

The aim of our developments was to illuminate the reef ecosystem in the aquarium in the best possible way. During the six-year development phase and two-year test phase, we worked with specialists to perfect the conventional lighting methods in order to create optimal conditions for all reef inhabitants.

Our LANI LED lights ensure that your aquarium is fully illuminated without giving off unnessecary heat to the water. The light corresponds to daylight with a bright blue sky and penetrates evenly into all corners of your aquarium. With the LANI it is possible for the first time to illuminate hard coral tanks at the highest level and exclusively with LEDs. By increasing the Color Rendering Index (CRI), a further improvement in color rendering could be achieved. Equipped with these light properties, our LANI lights transform your reef aquarium into a Dorado for all its inhabitants.

Even when the room temperature rises, you do not have to use a cooling device or alternatively – as with the earlier T5 lighting – forego the desired pool height.

You can rely on this with LANI:
– The aquarium is illuminated evenly and brightly
– All animals get the light they need to develop their natural and healthy color
– The fish and corals in the aquarium are colorful and visually appealing to the viewer
– In a technical comparison, the light quality exceeds the standards of T5 and HQI – especially in biological terms.
– The LANI is more energy efficient than T5 and HQI.
– The functionality of the LANI lights has been proven in practical tests.