Not only does it have a beautiful design.

Light for our corals

The LANI: LED lamps are the result of years of development for optimal care and maintenance of corals under LED light in saltwater aquariums

Great technologies

With an innovative web interface that everyone understands, regardless of browser or device, operation is very easy. Once connected, the sun rises and sets in your aquarium every day.

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Our model is natural light.

We did not orientate ourselves on the existing lighting, but simulated the natural light in the sea.

Quality as a benchmark.

High-quality components and convincing LED technology for lighting that delivers what it promises.

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Combine as it suits best.

We have developed different sizes for you so that you can use your reef extensively.

Easy handling.

The LANI: LED is supplied with a preset program sequence. Connect, switch on, done.

Individually for you.

We are happy to make your LANI individually and you can choose between different colors for the frame. The standard colors are silver and black anodized or white powder-coated.

The sizes.

Our LANI is available in 3 designs.

400mm x 400mm (Square)
400mm x 200mm (Half)
200mm x 200mm (Nano)

The editions.

Our LANI is available in 3 editions.

Normal (white, blue UV)

Pro (white, blue, UV, royal blue, cyan and mix)

SUN (Bright Sun, Par Blue, UV, Par Red, Glow, Bright Green)

The inner values.

The development of LANI is based on our conviction and passion for special LED lighting. This way of thinking made it possible for us to develop this great LED for your saltwater aquarium. An incredibly natural light, for fantastic colors and healthy coral growth.

LED technology.

Each LANI has between 22 and 172 LEDs (depending on the model) in the colors: UV, violet, royal blue, blue, cyan, green and white. By doing without lenses or reflectors, you get extensive illumination and no spot formation.

Easy handling.

All lamps can be controlled using their own controller with a preset program sequence. The settings can be freely adjusted using the controller; Sunrise and sunset / start & end time / intensity / simulation You only need one controller for all lights.

Out of conviction and passion.

The development of LANI benefits from our passion and our know-how of the last 10 years of development in the LED lighting sector. This knowledge made it possible for us to develop LED lighting for saltwater aquariums that is flicker-free and stress-free for the inhabitants of our aquariums. This technique allows us to provide a natural and balanced spectrum for good color expression and healthy coral growth.

Technical specifications

Housing color: White, anodized E6 EV1 (silver) or E6 C53 (black)
Power max: Nano 40 watts / Half 85 watts / Square 190 watts
Number of LEDs per module: Nano (22) / Half (44) / Square (88) / Nano Pro (43) / Half Pro (86) / Square Pro (172)
Passive cooling
Dimming: 0-100% or 100-0% times and power freely selectable.

Dimensions L x W x H:
Nano 200 x 200 x 40mm
Half 400 x 200 x 40mm
Square 400 x 400 x 40mm

Order your LANI now

Each LANI is handcrafted and thoroughly tested over several days. So we can be sure that we are offering you a product that is more than convincing of the quality and performance. The delivery time is approx. 1-2 weeks for each order.

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